Dimplex Kansas Inset Fire Review

////Dimplex Kansas Inset Fire Review

Dimplex Kansas Inset Fire Review

When it comes to buying appliances there’s several things you should consider. So before you buy Dimplex Kansas Inset Fire make sure you check out our top tips for buying Small Appliances.

If you’re in a hurry and just want to get the overview of how well reviewed Dimplex Kansas Inset Fire is, check out the 4 scores below and then take the time to read reviews over at AO.com by clicking on the “Read Reviews” button.










Latest Price: £124

Dimplex Kansas Inset Fire review

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  • Dimplex Kansas KNS20 Inset Fire in Brass
  • Product EAN: 5011139037091
  • Product SKU: KNS20_BRS
  • Model number: KNS20

As you can see above we have conducted our own initial review of Dimplex Kansas Inset Fire, based on a number of factors including the quality, price, reviews and then an overall score. Each of these areas have scored particularly highly for Dimplex Kansas Inset Fire, with it reaching 8.6 out of 10 for its quality score. It then scored 9.4 out of 10 for price, 9.9 out of 10 based on the customer reviews and then overall we scored it 9.3 out of 10.

Average price of Freestanding Small Appliances

To get an accurate picture of how the price of Dimplex Kansas Inset Fire compares to other alternative
Small Appliances we analyse the price of a huge number of products available from ao.com. The first bit of price comparison we did was to look at the price of Dimplex Kansas Inset Fire and compare it against other products that fall within the Small Appliances category.

We found 548 products in that category and the price varied fairly significantly. The cheapest product we found of all the Freestanding Small Appliances was £14, whilst the most expensive was £1899. However the most important figure for us to look at, is the average price. The average price gives us an idea of whether Dimplex Kansas Inset Fire is more expensive on average than the rest of the products in the same category.

The average price of all 548 products that fall within the Freestanding Small Appliances category is £158.61.

Average price of products from Dimplex

The next step is to look at the manufacturer of the appliance and to start to see how the price of Dimplex Kansas Inset Fire compares to other alternative products from Dimplex. There are 34 products available from Dimplex over at ao.com so you can see that there is a decent amount of choice.

To start with we looked at the highest and lowest prices of products from Dimplex. The lowest came in at just £39 whilst the most expensive product that we could find was £549.

Again though the important figure that you get to grips with, is the average price. The average of all the 34 products we found from Dimplex was £191.47.

The verdict

So you can clearly see that at £124, Dimplex Kansas Inset Fire is a really great buy for such a highly regarded product and brand. You’d be hard pushed to find any Freestanding Small Appliances that would beat it on quality vs price.

Dimplex Kansas Inset Fire Reviews

The reason you’re here is of course to read customer reviews, so we’ve pulled together a list of all the retailers that are selling Dimplex Kansas Inset Fire and found the one that we felt delivered the most comprehensive and detailed customer reviews. For Dimplex Kansas Inset Fire the best reviews were over at ao.com so please click on the “read reviews” button and take the time to read plenty of the customer feedback posts.

It’s important to read plenty of them and not just skim the top 2 or 3. Really get a good idea of what works well with Dimplex Kansas Inset Fire and what needs improvement. Only then will you really know if it’s the right product for you.

Tips when buying Small Appliances


Price is of course a major factor for any purchase, but with appliances and particularly Small Appliances, it really pays to get a clear picture of your budget. As this will really influence your expectations of how good a product you will be able to buy for your budget.


The size of any appliance is an important factor. For some appliances, it’s whether it’s literally going to fit in the space made for it, whilst for others size can just be whether it’s a bit inconvenient or not. Make sure you get a good idea of the size of appliance you’re looking for as you can probably imagine Freestanding Small Appliances can vary in sizes quite a lot.

The size of Dimplex Kansas Inset Fire is (H)615 x (W)463 x (D)160.


Again warranty is an important factor, if not just for the peace of mind to know you’re covered should the product develop a fault. You can of course purchase extended warranties for a lot of appliances if you want to extend the period you are covered. But as standard the warranty on Dimplex Kansas Inset Fire is 1 year.

Key Features

As you would expect, the key features of Freestanding Small Appliances are going to be one of the deciding factors when choosing which one to buy. So make sure you take the time to narrow your choice down to a few products and then compare the features of each to see which is likely to better suit your needs.

Energy Efficiency

This is becoming an increasingly important part of us buying appliances. We don’t now just want to know how much the product is to initially purchase. Instead we want a clear picture of how much it is going to cost to run on an ongoing basis. The energy efficiency rating of Freestanding Small Appliances can make a significant difference to the running costs, so make sure you do take this point seriously before you commit to buy.

The energy efficiency rating of Dimplex Kansas Inset Fire is .

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